Building a Faster, Stronger Business
October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

“It's the one conference each year that I absolutely go to. You'll find somebody from every company that you interact with on the Internet.”
Abe Hassan, Site Reliability Manager, Google

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Proposals due April 27

Business at web speed.

We’ve expanded the scope of Velocity 2015. Why? Because instrumentation, optimization, and above all, speed—the drivers of successful web businesses—now apply to all businesses.

The Velocity call for speakers is open

Velocity happens in New York October 12–14. We're looking for speakers to share compelling stories of building "business at web speed." If you have an interesting success (or failure), provocative idea, practical how-to, proven best practice, or effective new approach to share, we—and our talented and technical attendees—would love to hear from you. Read more»

Velocity isn't just about "Building a faster, stronger web" anymore. We'll still feature plenty of hard-core web operations and performance sessions at the conference. But the web-centric innovation sparked by the Velocity community has forever changed business-as-usual. So we're broadening the scope of Velocity to include the essentials of "Building a faster, stronger business."

A faster, stronger business is instrumented and optimized through tight feedback loops in both technology and human systems. Web ops and performance experts (including seven years of Velocity speakers) have long maintained that, to build a successful web business, culture is at least as important as hardware and software. Now the rest of the world is catching up.

We're looking for speakers on both technical and non-technical topics that address:

  • End-to-End Optimization
  • IT as a Business Driver
  • Ubiquitous Delivery
  • Deliberately Unstable Systems

Do you have a story to share about how instrumented, optimized businesses thrive? Submit a proposal to speak at Velocity by April 27.

Important Dates

  • Call for speakers closes - April 27
  • Registration opens - May 2015
  • All proposers notified - By May 2015
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