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Speaker Slides and Video

Presentation slides will be made available after the session has concluded and the speaker has given us the files. Check back if you don't see the file you're looking for—it might be available later! (However, please note some speakers choose not to share their presentations.)

Camille Fournier (Rent the Runway)
We're all drawn to the fable of the 10X engineer, but engineers most commonly increase their effectiveness 10X by amplifying the effectiveness of those around them. In this talk we'll explore ways to make your value multiplicative, no cloning required.
Avishai Ish-Shalom (Fewbytes)
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Lately it seems that whatever conference you attend everyone is talking about Continuous Delivery: tools, success stories, services, name it. To some people, it seems that DevOps is about Continuous Delivery; but is this really the case? How come CD is such a prominent term? And what is it really about? This talk will try to give a different viewpoint of CD.
Tammy Everts (Radware)
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This tutorial covers a broad set of performance fundamentals — from user expectations to business metrics to optimization best practices — to help you hit the ground running for the next three days.
Maximiliano Firtman (ITMaster Professional Training)
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The mobile web space moves really fast and every year the whole ecosystem changes. But one thing remains unchanged: the need for extreme performance. If you have a mobile site, a responsive web, or you are about to create one, this tutorial will give you the techniques to measure and improve the performance after understanding the mobile web world today and testing on your own mobile device.
Shane Evans (Hewlett-Packard), Oded Keret (HP Software)
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There’s a lot pressure on developers to get performance right the first time a new application or feature hits the market. Well you aren’t alone. Besides our own applications, HP RnD has been helping customers for 20 years, and we've learned a few things along the way. We’ll walk from conception to production to help you get the best possible performance out of your applications.
Steve Lerner (eBay, Inc.), Rajasekhar Bhogi (eBay, Inc.)
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Measuring and improving performance is particularly important for eBay and its family of companies. When 100% of traffic carries e-commerce, every millisecond counts. eBay's Site Speed Team leaders from Network and Platform engineering will give a detailed walkthrough of eBay's methods for continuously measuring and improving site, transaction, and API speed across devices and geographies.
Everyday, companies are attempting to manage the delivery of software to their customers. Whereas this used to be a fairly deterministic process with clear boundaries between functions and processes, we have all learned that a less silo'd and more iterative approach yields better design and better performance in the wild. But how to control this kind of approach--or more importantly, should you?
Brian Bulkowski (Aerospike)
10 reasons why in-Memory and a new generation of distributed databases - NoSQL Key Value Stores - are the next big thing and the key to Velocity for every enterprise.
Mikey Dickerson (Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team)
What is the legacy of last year's bungled launch of Has the government learned anything? Have we?
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You never know where your customers will be using your mobile apps. With the high variability in mobile connectivity speeds and latencies, a good user experience will depend on how well you optimize network utilization. In this talk we'll look at problems unique to constricted networks. We’ll also provide success stories for apps that have greatly improved mobile performance.
Rodrigo Campos (
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DevOps is catching the attention of companies of all sizes, but how can it be realistically applied to any kind of corporation? This talk will show the audience how Operations team in Brazil evolved from a single DevOps team to a complete shift in the corporate culture that has spread through operations, engineering, and even the business units.
Yoav Weiss (WL Square)
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Today, Responsive Web design often means using one of the various Responsive Images hacks or take a performance hit. In a short while, that will no longer be the case. A native Responsive Images solution is coming soon to a browser near you. In this session we will discuss this solution in depth, and see how you can start using it in your current designs.
John Yi (Rackspace)
Can IT organizations learn something from the world of soccer? In this talk I'll briefly describe some ideas about why the US Men's soccer team doesn't dominate and how they are changing this. We'll quickly explore how IT organizations can learn from what the USMNT are doing to change this.
Hossein Lotfi (Verizon EdgeCast)
In this session we will talk about TCP optimization and how to measure its impact in a large scale network. we explore some useful tools and methodologies for transport optimization.
Tom Limoncelli (
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Devs and Ops engineers have a time management problem. There are too many projects, interruptions, and distractions. We forget stuff. Tom will present techniques for zapping interruptions so you have more time for projects, prioritization techniques so the projects you do work on have the most impact, plus the easiest, most effective way to juggle all your tasks without dropping any.
Yoav Weiss (WL Square)
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The preloader is an essential performance optimization mechanism that exists across all modern browsers, yet it remains a mystery to many Web developers. In this session, we will explain what the preloader is, what it does, what developers need to know about it, and what the future may hold for it.